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Some Frequently Asked Questions about the Online (HM Revenue & Customs) method of preparing a tax return

What software is available from HM Revenue & Customs?

The HMRC currently offers a limited selection of the pages. See what's available. Our software offers all the pages of the tax return and you can amend your return if you have already submitted it.

Is the Revenue service reliable?

No it is not. You may have seen that the Revenue has its problems, here are two examples Problem and Problem.

Is it safe to send a tax return over the Internet?

All forms, tax returns and messages are encrypted using the strongest encryption available (128 bit).

Does it take a long time to prepare a tax return?

This depends on your circumstances. You do not usually have to enter a great deal of information, however it could take you time to get all the documents together you need to fill in the tax return. But software or online forms will offer the benefit of calculating your tax bill for you, making the process easier.

Will I end up with a huge phone bill if I use HM Revenue & Customs' forms?

Like any on-line forms based application response times will depend on a number of factors including the speed of your modem and the performance of you Internet Service Provider.

Are the forms slow to load?

They can be, sometimes they do not load at all when the Internet is busy.

Does it print easily?

It takes ages and you need Acrobat as well to get a good quality version.

Is there any financial advantage?

Not directly, however if you are due a refund then submitting a tax return by the Internet allows you to jump the queue and receive the refund quicker. And greater use of self-checking software, whether on the home or business computer or on the Revenue web-site may help eliminate many minor errors before the forms are submitted.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about QMS and its method of preparing a tax return

How long does it take to download, buy the special code and start using the software?

A few minutes, you do not have to wait for delivery.

Is the software free?

It is free to download and use, we now charge 12.49 to submit a tax return.

How does the QMS method compare to the Revenue's?

QMS has none of the above disadvantages. For an independent view see this quote from ABCNEWS.com in America: "It's extremely safe to prepare taxes on desktop software and then to file electronically" said Robert Sterling, an online analyst who specializes in financial services.

Is the software available now?

Yes it is. Unlike some other suppliers, our software is available now.

Will taxpayers' agents use the QMS method?

Yes, we cannot imagine agents entering a large number of tax returns online. Agents will use our tax software offline, store the tax returns in a database, and submit the returns when the taxpayer authorises them to do so.

How long does it take to download the QMS software?

The file is about 2 Mbytes, with broadband it should take less than 1 minute.

How does this compare with some other products?

The QMS software takes much less time to download.

Does QMS software calculate the tax liability and payment on account?

Yes, QMS software does.

How long has QMS prepared tax software?

QMS has prepared tax software since the start of Self Assessment. Its tax products are consistently among the first to be recognised by HM Revenue & Customs at the start of each tax year and it aims to continue the policy of seeking early recognition. In 2012 our Internet software was available on 6th April, our agent software was sent out by the middle of April. We always aim to send out recognised and accurate tax software.

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